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Good Morning, Guys !
Since i got a lot of questions from you recently on my instagram about tools and products i am using for my make-up, i decided to share with you my basic make-up kit. I will start from the most important item - my BB Cream. For a long while i was using Clinique's tonal cream with SPF 15 and refused to switch from it to anything new. It was my mom, who advised me to try and use BB Creams, especially in Winter, when your skin is vulnerable for dry winds and lower temperatures.
Well, she was so right ! I got this BB Cream from Deborah about a months ago and for all day long the skin feels so comfortable, no drying or peeling, also the tone it creates makes it look natural, smooth and healthy. My next "Must-Have" item is the Nars's powder. it creates a great matt effect and lasts for quit long time, but still has a really light texture which let's your skin breathe. Another important Nars's product here is the moisturising cream - makes perfect base for a BB cream, softens and relaxes, it's a great solution for a day, pre-make-up cream.
My favourite "cat eye" make up i am doing with Mac's liquid eyeliner, i must say i am really impressed with it's durability! The small brush of it is also a very comfortable tool to use. Victoria's Secret Volume Mascara is a great item too. It prolongs and separates each lash, doesn't give a too heavy effect. 
Since Summer is over and tan is starting to fade away i treated myself with a bronzer last week. Very warm tone combines with your skin so smoothly - a great solution for winter. 
And the last but not least : the current favourite perfume from Diesel : " Fuel For Life ".